Here’s the truth about those of us who move overseas permanently: we’re a special breed.


We’ve done it too… gone through the process of earning permanent residency and a second passport abroad. And we’re here to help you avoid common and unfortunate mistakes while you do the same thing.


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About The International Passport Organization


I’m Stephen, founder of Interpass.


After returning from a trip from the USA to the cold and dark UK in January 1991, I announced to my family that we’d be leaving the UK to live in the United States permanently eight months later on September 5th. They thought I was insane, because I didn’t yet have a plan of how to make that happen, but I worked like crazy getting everything in order and finding ways to overcome all the obstacles that were put in my way and tried to stop me. I persevered and I made it happen. On September 5, 1991, I left on a flight to the United States. And my family followed me there two weeks later.


But I won’t sugar-coat it for you, it was really hard to make that happen.


Even though I was thrilled to have succeeded in meeting my goal, I still faced many challenges before I was finally granted permanent permission to live in the US and I know now that these could have been avoided if I’d had someone to advise me through the process and help me plan ahead a little more.


Because here’s the truth about those of us who move overseas permanently: we’re a special breed.


I feel like we’re the true dreamers and go-getters of the world. And some of the most powerful—the kind of people who aren’t afraid to take action on making our dreams happen.


But there’s a danger we face with this, and it’s letting our imaginations and expectations get too big. We’ve already accomplished so much in our lives that it’s easy to feel like everything is possible. And while everything is possible, keeping some of our expectations about moving overseas in check can save us from a lot of frustration and emotional hurt when things don’t always go exactly as we’d planned.


Which is why it’s so, so helpful to have someone there to help you. Someone who talks you through the situation and its challenges like you know your kind, caring older brother would. Someone who won’t sugar-coat your options just to make you feel happy and take your money… but someone who will actually get you on the best, most sustainable path to the end result you want for your family.


I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of what you’re about to do. I’ve been where you are right now and I can help you in ways you cannot imagine just yet.


I’ve seen the worst of what you’ll go through and will be there to coach you through it in case it happens. (Honestly, the worst probably won’t happen, but I’m prepared to help you handle it if it does.) With my help, you and your family can start to feel empowered about your goals instead of thinking about them with a dreading sense of, “That would be so nice, but we’ve got no idea how we can make it happen.” I’ve faced those struggles, dealt with the government complications, and now live peacefully in the country of my choice, have my second passport, and all without the fear of being kicked out. (In fact, I’m now a citizen!)


And now, after reaching my own goal, I’ve got an unwavering commitment to help individuals like you settle in your new chosen country, get your second passport, and save you from as many challenges as possible along the way.


Once we start working together, we’ll set up a timeline for each step in the process to make sure we meet your goal of moving abroad and/or getting your second passport by your own personal deadline. I’ll also set up weekly check-in calls with you where I or one of my experienced team members will stay on the phone with you until all your questions about the step in the process you’re currently at are answered. My team and I will guide you through the process, one step at a time, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. And if you ever have questions along the way, you can gives us a call and we’ll help you find the answer as soon as possible. And typically, we’ll be done with everything and you’ll be on your way to earning full citizenship within 3-6 months. (Though please keep in mind permanent residency and citizenship rules and processes vary by country.)


So yes, it can happen. Go ahead and start daydreaming, because you’re going home.


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Because yes, you do have control over your own destiny.



Still thinking it’s too difficult? Think again. Here’s some people who’ve happily been sent to their new home with our help:


“Your support to the end was key to my smooth success. I always felt you are on my side and concerned about my interest. I sincerely recommend you to everyone”.

“We got in touch with Mr. Stephen Parnell. A few email exchanges and conversations, we were confident that they had the right experience and providing impartial guidance”.

RMF, Dubai
“During the entire process, they were always at the end of the phone to advise on whatever concerns we had. It was a joy informing Steve that we had received our visas”.

FA, Ghana


Go ahead and let out a big exhale. The entire process is about to get so much easier.


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We’re here to help you move to the country of your dreams without being forced to come back when your visa expires.