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Is Caribbean Citizenship Investment the Wave of the Future?

Is Caribbean Citizenship Investment the Future?


Have you heard of the new trend of “citizenship investment”? It’s something many high earners are talking about, looking into, and participating in. Economic citizenship has ballooned into an estimated $2 billion market and shows no signs of slowing down.


More and more countries are supplementing their GDP and growing their economy by helping wealthy foreign investors create businesses. A passport purchased through investment opens doors that were otherwise closed. Really, it’s a win-win all around. Of course, citizenship in some countries is more expensive than others. For example, if you’re starting out in the UK, you’d better have roughly two million pounds handy. If you’re aiming for the US, you can get an EB-5 Visa if you’ve got $500,000 if you create at least ten jobs.


You can shop around the world and look into other countries’ programs but the crown jewel of this exciting new program is the Caribbean. If you’ve got the cash and are looking for a better life for you and your family, Caribbean citizenship investment is the way to go. We’ll break down the how and why of getting started.


Why Citizenship Investment?


With rising global instability, those with means are looking to expand their horizons. War, political instability, economic uncertainties, and general lack of options are all reasons to consider Caribbean citizenship investment. The Middle East has seen a lot of unrest in the past few years and it seems to be getting worse with conflicts in Syria and the Arab Spring. That’s been a big influence on those seeking secondary citizenship in the Caribbean. Making an investment in a country and therefore gaining a secondary passport is a way to keep uncertainty at bay. It’s also a way to help people from diplomatically-fraught countries increase their mobility. For example, if you’re from Iran, Iraq or Pakistan, your passport will get you into about 40 countries without a visa. Caribbean citizenship investment gives you access to around 131. That’s a huge leap!


Many Chinese businessmen have figured out that a secondary passport is a huge plus not just for their pocketbook but for their families, too. With secondary citizenship, they’re able to give their children access to Western education and to ease risks associated with corruption in Beijing. Beyond Asia and the Middle East, many Americans are looking into Caribbean citizenship investment. Although they have to give up their American citizenship, moving to the islands can effectively drop high earner’s tax rates to zero.


Easy And Transparent


caribbean citizenship investment imageOne of the best things about Caribbean citizenship investment is that the process is much clearer and quicker than many other countries. For example, if you apply to a country like the US, it takes much longer and the requirements can be tricky. The US, as previously mentioned, required an investment of at least $500,000 and the creation of at least 10 jobs. While that seems clear and simple, there are a few hidden complications. The process is prolonged because you have to wait and see if your investment yields the right results. You also run the risk of failing to create the minimum required amount of jobs. After all that trouble, you’re then granted permanent residency, which differs from citizenship. You’ll have to wait a few more years before you can apply for actual citizenship, and even then the process can be tricky and complicated.


In Quebec, a province in another prosperous country, Canada, you need to invest around CAD 800,000 interest-free for five years just to get started. Beyond that, you’ll be asked to pay a CAD 15,000 application processing fee. You’re still not done – on top of all that, you’ll have to prove you have a net worth of more than CAD 1.6 million.


Just like island life, Caribbean citizenship investment is laid back and easy-breezy. Qualified applicants can be granted citizenship in as little as 90 days after they submit their application to the correct government department.


Investment Opportunities Abound


The Caribbean islands are more than just a tourist destination, although that remains one of their largest appeals. Agriculture is a huge deal, and demand for their product is increasing. It’s estimated that if worldwide population growth stays on the track it’s been on these past decades, that will mean an additional two billion people to feed.


Food production will need to increase by around 50-70%, and Caribbean citizenship investment gets you in on the ground floor of this opportunity. With its temperate climate, fertile soil, and great trade relations with major importers like America and Europe, the Caribbean is about to become an agricultural powerhouse. Another unexpected investment opportunity is the green energy initiatives that are cropping up in this region of the world. Many Latin American countries are leading the way in sustainable and clean energy, and the islands are following their lead. By demonstrating that clean, renewable energy works, the Caribbean is poised to be a world leader in alleviating growing energy concerns. Caribbean citizenship investment is looking to be a solid strategy for increasing future financial stability!


Caribbean Citizenship Investment: Get Started Today


Uprooting your family and moving to a new country might seem daunting at first, but the benefits outweigh the risks. If you’re looking to create a wonderful new life for your family, Caribbean citizenship investment is the way to go. A company like Interpass is there for you every step of the way. Interpass is staffed with people who have been in your exact situation. They know what you’re going through and can help ease your fears. They’ll give you the straight scoop and be realistic. There’s no sugarcoating to sell you a product; they want you to live your best life, and that involves honesty and transparency. Their staff has a passion for helping others that were once in their shoes that’s borne from their personal experience.


When you make a choice to get a secondary passport with Interpass, you can rest easy because you’ll be guided every step of the way. It doesn’t have to be hard, let Interpass help you on the journey to your new home.