Dominica Economic Citizenship Program



Dominica is a politically and economically stable state with the lowest crime rate in the region. The Economic Citizenship Program Dominica offers applicants a wealth of benefits and privileges, including:


  • No physical residency requirements
  • Inclusion of dependent children up to 25
  • Inclusion of unmarried daughters under 25 living with and fully supported by the main applicant
  • No minimum level of education required
  • No managerial experience required
  • No interview, education or management experience required
  • Visa-free travel to over 95 countries including Europe’s Schengen zone, UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey
  • No taxes for non-residents
  • Dominica recognizes dual citizenship, so you can retain your current nationality




To qualify for citizenship in Dominica applicants need to meet the following criteria:


  • Be of outstanding character
  • Hold no criminal record
  • Have excellent health
  • Have a basic knowledge of English
  • Make a direct, non-refundable investment with the government of Dominica




The investment options for obtaining citizenship status in Dominica are as follows:


  1. Single applicant


A single applicant will be required to make an investment of US$100,000.


  1. Family application I


(Applicant + spouse)


An investment of US$175,000 qualifies the applicant and the applicant’s spouse for citizenship.


  1. Family application II


(Applicant + spouse + 2 children under 18)


An investment of US$200,000 qualifies the applicant, the applicant’s spouse and two children under 18 years for citizenship.


  1. Family application III


(Applicant + spouse + 3 children under 18)


An investment of US$350,000 qualifies the applicant, the applicant’s spouse and three children under 18 years for citizenship. An investment of US$50,000 is required for each additional child under 18 years.


Nationals of the following countries and territories will be treated on a case-by-case basis: Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Sao Tome Principe, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Yemen.


Exceptions are applicants who have been legal residents in other countries for 10 years or more and their investment funds are not originating from one of the above-mentioned countries. For case-by-case eligibility, please contact us.