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Here’s Why You Should Look Into a Cyprus Passport

Just some of the reasons you should look into a Cyprus Passport:

White sandy beaches. A favorable business climate. Excellent government facilities and unrestricted access to the European Union. Does this lifestyle sound attractive to you? If so, you need a Cyprus passport.


Nestled in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, Cyprus is a beautiful Eurasian island. It was a British colony until 1960 and became an EU member in 2004. The country has a relatively low population of just over one million people. It’s also a popular tourist destination and world renowned investment hub. The Cypriot government is very welcoming to foreigners. The nation has several attractive options for obtaining a Cyprus passport. Immigration experts rank this passport as one of the top ten passports in the world. As a result, people from around the globe have chosen to obtain a Cyprus passport. With many fantastic advantages, choosing this second passport is an excellent option.


Here’s why a Cyprus passport can benefit you and how to get one.


Ideal Location


Cyprus is located in the middle of three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia. Its geographical position makes it easy to travel between several regional hubs.


EU Benefits


Cyprus Passport imageA Cyprus passport is a great entryway into European Union living. With this passport, you’ll have access to everything EU countries have to offer. Do you have a passion for European travel? With a Cyprus passport, you can travel to all EU nations visa free. You’ll have visa-free access to over 150 countries around the world. You and your family can live freely, travel, and work in any EU member state. You’ll also be able to purchase property and invest in any EU country. A Cypriot passport can be used anywhere in the EU. It allows for lifetime dual citizenship.


High Living Standard


Cyprus is known for having a high quality of life. The excellent standard of living goes beyond its gorgeous beaches. This is a country with high-quality healthcare facilities. In an emergency, you and your family will be well taken care of. You will also have access to health care in any EU member state. Medical fees incurred in other EU nations are reimbursed just as in Cyprus. Safety will also be low on your list of worries. Cyprus boasts some of the lowest crime rates within the EU.


Educational Benefits


If you’re looking for a country with excellent educational opportunities then look no further. Cyprus has two internationally recognized public universities. Each offers free undergraduate tuition for nationals. Planning for your children to study in another EU member state? Their Cyprus passport will allow them to study in another EU nation. They can study in any EU country for the same tuition as locals. As an EU student, their degree will be recognized in any member state. With this passport, students have access to study across Europe. These are some of the top-ranked universities around the world.


Low Corporate Tax Rates


Cyprus is a popular center for investors from around the world. It is known as a hub for international business. This is because it has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world. Several countries have agreements with Cyprus to avoid double taxation. It’s a nation with a favorable tax climate perfect for business expansion. Investors will likely see long-term returns.


Pension Benefits


As a Cypriot citizen, you will be insured by the local social security scheme. Your passport entitles you to the same pension as EU citizens where you’re based.


Easy And Quick To Obtain A Passport


A Cyprus passport takes from three to six months to be processed. After submitting your documents you will soon have your second passport. There are no language requirements, interviews or medical tests. You and your family can apply for citizenship under one application.


Obtaining a Cyprus Passport


Citizenship By Investing


This is a fast track option that has reduced processing time and bureaucracy.


  • Requires an investment of more than EUR 2 million in Cypriot real estate. This Cyprus CBI Program will then grant you full citizenship. There are also certain other requirements that must be met.
  • Your spouse, children, and parents can then easily obtain Cypriot citizenship.


Naturalization To Foreigners


A foreigner can be naturalized by meeting the following requirements:


  • A residential property investment of at least EUR 2 million.
  • Investments in Cypriot businesses of at least EUR 2 million.
  • An applicant can also combine eligible investments of at least EUR 2 million.


Citizenship by Marriage


The foreign spouse of a Cypriot citizen is entitled to citizenship by marriage. After three years of marriage, they can claim citizenship. They must also legally reside in Cyprus.


Preparing Your Application


For any foreigner, the immigration process can be confusing. You must complete all forms correctly and submit to the relevant bodies. The due diligence required to ensure a successful application will be time-consuming. Our services make navigating the web of immigration requirements a lot easier. We can offer you professional guidance every step of the way. We advise you consult us to start your transition.


Why Cyprus


A second passport will give you the security and superior life that you’ve worked for. Choosing a Cyprus passport means better education, quality of life and business growth. You’ll have access to better opportunities for you and your family. Global experts recommend Cyprus as the prime environment for doing business. And with a sound economy, you’ll find ways to safely preserve your wealth. Are you ready to walk the road to second citizenship?


If you think a Cyprus passport is for you get in touch with us. Let us work with you to reach new levels of success. We can make a relocation to Cyprus an exciting and life changing reality.