The Power of A Second Passport
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The True Power of a Second Passport

Go ahead and start planning the future you want. It can happen.


Getting a second passport (& second citizenship) is one of those truly life-changing moments that propels you towards your dreams like few other accomplishments in life can.


According to a recent report by The Economist, nearly 300,000 high net worth individuals who got a second passport in the last 10 years stated they wanted second passports for these major reasons:


  • Better quality of life (75%)
  • Safer environment (64%)
  • Better opportunities for their children (42%)
  • Better prospects to grow & preserve their wealth (39%)
  • Improved business & professional opportunities (39%)


300,000 wealthy people is not that high in the grand scale of the world’s population—perhaps because it’s such an exclusive club. But it is a growing trend. And honestly, getting a second passport is usually easier than you think it is. Really, I’m not kidding you.


Many countries—particularly the 11 we work with—have a vested interest in attracting high net worth individuals as citizens. Because beyond the initial investment required, they know you’ll boost their local economies in ways normal citizens or other types of immigrants usually don’t.


They know you’ll contribute to their economy, so they make the process as easy and as painless as possible for you. Because whether you plan to live in the country full-time or not, the investments almost always represent boosted economic growth in one way or another. It’s a simple future when you think about it, but one a lot of people unfortunately give up on when they imagine the time, work, and waiting process involved in the paperwork alone.


But honestly, when you have someone guiding you through it, the paperwork is much easier to manage and takes only a fraction of the time.


And while each country is different, the process typically goes like this:


  • We deliver you a set of information based on the preferences you tell us, and you weigh the facts and pros and cons of each country’s program against your desires and current financial situation.
  • Once your country is decided on, you fill out the visa application and investment paperwork, declaring who your are, your chosen investments, and the sources of your funds. (Note: This is the tough part. We’ve glazed over it here, but getting police reports and sources of funds can be such a job it makes some people give up on their dreams. Don’t worry though, we’ve got experience and we’re here to make it much easier for you.)
  • The country’s immigration office reviews your application and approves it. (If it’s rejected for any reason, the amount of your investment is returned to you.)
  • Once your visa is approved and your investment is made, you begin the process towards citizenship. You may or may not be required to enter the country for this to start.
  • Once the citizenship process completes (it’s often just a short waiting period of a few months), you declare yourself on the land of that country, and receive your second passport and your citizenship papers.


Plus, when you work with us through the process, we’ll be here to help you work out any snags along the way. (We’ve done this many times before, with almost 100% success.)


So you can stop just dreaming about the life you might have, and actually live it.


You can finally break through those annoying visa rules and travel restrictions your ideal country imposes on foreigners. You can finally bank on a solid, tried and tested approach that’s totally secure and almost always guaranteed to work. It’s a strategy for a second passport that’s based on strategy, not luck.


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Plenty of others have achieved their dreams of having a second passport before you. Now it’s your turn.


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